Allied Formations

20th Indian Infantry Division

20th Indian Infantry Division





Allied Formations

The Badge of this unit was an Indian sword (a Tulwar) in silver, raised aloft in a clenched fist set on a black circular background  The sign was chosen to Symbolise the ""Swift and Deadly Execution of the Enemy"".

The Division was raised in Bangalore on the 1st April 1942 by  Maj/Gen Sir Douglas Gracey (KCIE CB CBE MC)  who Commanded them through out there training in Ceylon and it's active service in Assam, Burma, and Indo-China, until they were disbanded in April-May 1946. 

The Division distinguished itself  in the Burma Campaign particularly during the Defence of the Imphal plain, during the spring and early summer of 1944. they also took part in the breakout from the Irrawaddy Bridgehead a year later.

In September 1946 the Division moved to French Indo-China where it concentrated and disarmed 70,000 Japanese troops.

They were commanded by Maj/Gen Sir Douglas Gracy (KCIE CB CBE MC)

Structure of the Division

Divisional Commander Maj/Gen DD Gracey (CB CBE MC)

Headquarters Brigade

2nd Btn 8th Punjab Regt

9th Btn Jat Regt (M/Gun)

4th Btn 3rd Madras Regt

4th Btn 17th Dogra Regt

Divisional Artillery

9th and 114th Fld Regt (Royal Artillery)

111th A/Tank Regt (Royal Artillery)

2nd Indian Fld Regt (Indian Artillery)

23rd Indian Mountain Regt (Indian Artillery)

32nd Indian Infantry Brigade

1st Btn Northamptonshire Regt

9th Btn 14th Punjab Regt

4th Btn 2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles

3rd Btn 8th Gurkha Rifles

Commanded by Brig. DAL Mackenzie (CBE DSO), Brig. ECJ Woodford (CBE DSO)

80th Indian Infantry Brigade

1st Btn Devonshire Regt

9th Btn 12th Frontier Force Rifles

1st Btn 19th Hyderabad Regt

5th Btn 9th Hyderabad Regt

3rd Btn 1st K.G.O. Gurkha Rifles

 commanded by

Brig. S Greaves (CBE DSO MC)

Brig. DE Taunton (DSO)

100th Indian Infantry Brigade

2nd Btn The Border Regt

14th Btn 13th Frontier Force Rifles

1st Btn 1st K.G.O. Gurkha Rifles

4th Btn 10th Gurkha Rifles

Commanded by Brig. WAL James (DSO), Brig. GHB Rodham (DSO)

Royal Indian Army Service Corps

30th 43rd 55th 75th Animal Trt Coy's (Mule)

37th 38th 39th 45th Composite Unit's

100th 102nd 122nd 125th GP Trt Coy's

Medical Services

I.M.S. R.A.MC  I.M.D. I.H.C. I.A.MC

42nd 55th 59th Indian Fld Ambulances

20th Indian Division Provost Unit

20th Indian Division Signals Unit

Indian Army Ordnance Corps

120th Ordnance Fld Park

Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

63rd 64th 134th Infantry W/Shop Coy's

20th Indian Division Recovery Coy

Indian Engineers Sappers and Miners

422nd Fld Coy (Q.V.O. Madras)

92nd 481st Fld Coy'S (Royal Bombay)

 309th Fld Coy )Q.V.O. Madras)

322nd Fld Park Coy (K.G.O. Bengal Lancers)


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