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Don Vallee’s Memories




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Personal Stories

Donald enlisted at Vancouver in April, 1941. He did his square-bashing at Jericho Beach and then was posted to UBC to take the course on Physics and Electrical theory. He was then sent to #5 RAF Signals school at Clinton, Ontario for advanced training on Radar. After graduating from the course on airborne equipment, he went to England and was assigned to an RAF station at Wexham in N. Wales. Later he was posted to a station in Durham. 

His next move took him to 177 Sqn. at Allahabad & Feni in India, then to RAF Base Service Unit at Sion in Bombay.Next to RAF # 1577 at Solboni in Bengal. After that came #41 R&S U. at Drigh Rd. Karachi. 

Don's work was primarily on A.I.. (Aircraft Interception) equipment. No. 177 Sqn. flew Beaufighters. Don remembers the intense heat at Allahabad where daytime temperatures of 120 degrees (F) and 90 degrees at midnight were common. 

He recalls a 5 hour, low level flight from Allahabad to Naimi (a lake resort in the Himalayas ) with a Canadian pilot and a navigator, which provided an outstanding view of the country side. While at Karachi, Don had a test flight ride in a glider and recalls the quiet peaceful ride after being released. 

He left India in Feb./45 on the Orantes and returned to the UK via the Med. Don recalls hearing that ""India is a land of romance and mystery""!  But looking back, the only mystery he found was -- Where was the romance? 

On returning to London he very nearly became a victim of a"" Buzz Bomb"", so he promptly headed for Scotland to visit with his brother F. Officer H.J. Vallee, DFC. Don was in Manchester for V.E. day celebrations .He arrived in Vancouver via New York on June 3/45.



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