We have chosen to focus on areas where work is desperately needed and which have real synergy with the Burma Campaign. We would like academic Scholars and award winners to be descendants of Burma Veterans from any of the participating nations of the 14th Army.

- The scholarship programme is open to those studying (but not exclusive) a Masters degree in Global Health and Development, History of the Burma Campaign, Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Engineering for International Development.
- These subjects are close to the hearts of anyone who fought in the Burma Campaign, and anyone who remembers them.

Celebrating with our Veterans! To reach 100 years old is a remarkable achievement in itself and even more so for our Veterans who went through so much at an early stage of their lives. We are honoured to help to be a small part of their celebration and engage with them and their families.

- Military Scholarships will go to Cadets of Basic Training/Officer Training or Special to Arm Training deemed worthy of the Burma Star Award which will be a presentation kukri and cash award. They will forever be recognised as the Burma Star Cadet recipient.

- We aim to create national school scholarships and awards with significant prize money to attract media attention and incentify applicants to raise the profile and remembrance of the Burma Campaign.

£50k for each Post Graduate Scholarship
£20k for each Under Graduate Scholarship
£10k for each Military Cadet Scholarship