Allied Formations

15 Corps

15 Corps





Allied Formations

The badge of this unit was geometric design of three roman numeral ""V"" s for fifteen in white or black on a red rectangle (or circular) background was the badge adopted by this formation.  


This Corps was engaged in the hard fought Battles of the 2nd & 3rd Arakan Campaignes. In the 2nd Arakan Campaign (1943-44) it inflicted the first decisive defeat that any Japanese force had ever suffered at the hands of the British Army, breaking for the first time the legend of Japanese invincibility in the South East Asian Theatre of War.  

In the 3rd Arakan Campaign (1944-45) which was a series of Combined Operations, The corps carried out no less than nine Combined Assault landings varying in size ; from a Brigade group to a full Divisional Landing which was the Assault on the Rangoon River, which led to the capture of Rangoon in May 1945.  

Before the end of the War the Corps had been withdrawn to India to take part in the Invasion of Malaya, but was eventually sent to the Dutch East Indies to Command the British & Indian Forces in the area.

They were commanded by

Lieut. General Alexander Frank Philip  Christison (CSI CB DSO MC)

Lieut. General Sir Philip Christison

Brigadier General Staff

Brigadier DC Hawthorn (? - May 24, 1945)

Brigadier ND Wingrove (May 24, 1945 - ?)

Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General

Brigadier ND Wingrove (? - May 24, 1945)

Brigadier ACL Maclean (May 24, 1945 - ?)

Deputy Director Medical Services

Brigadier ANT Meneces

Corps Armour

50th Indian Tank Brigade (Brigadier GHN Todd)

146th Regiment, RAC

19th Lancers

45th Cavalry

2/4th Bombay Grenadiers

37th Field Squadron, IE

1st Independent Bridging Group, RAC

3rd Independent Tank Delivery Squadron, IAC

Corps Artillery

Brigadier LA Harris

6th Medium Regiment, RA                      

8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA

36th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA

2nd Survey Regiment, RA

C Flight 656th Air OP Squadron, RA

Corps Engineers

Brigadier LI Jacques (? - April 9, 1945)

Brigadier DCT Swan (April 9, 1945 - ?)

Corps Engineer Troops HQ

472nd Army Group Engineers

16th Engineer Batallion, IE

17th Engineer Batallion, IE

20th Engineer Batallion, IE

73rd Field Company, IE

483rd Field Company, IE

Malerkotla Field Company, ISF

403rd Field Park Company, IE

855th Bridging Group, IE

Corps Signals

Brigadier DWR Burridge

XV Indian Corps Signals

Corps Infantry

79th Indian Infantry Company

22nd East African Brigade (Brigadier R. F. Johnstone)

1st King's African rifles

3rd Northern Rhodesia Regiment

1st Royal African Regiment


59th East African Field Company

22nd East African Field Company

3rd Commando Brigade (Brigadier CR Hardy)

1st Commando

5th Commando

42nd Royal Marine Commando

44th Royal Marine Commando

25th Indian Division

51st Indian Brigade

53rd Indian Brigade

74th Indian Brigade

26th Indian Division

4th Indian Brigade

36th Indian Brigade

71st Indian Brigade

81st West African Division

5th West African Brigade

6th West African Brigade

82nd West African Division

1st West African Brigade

2nd West African Brigade

4th West African Brigade


268th Indian Brigade (Brigadier GM Dyer)

4/3rd Madras

1st Chamar Regiment

Mahindra Dal Regiment (Nepalese)

Lushai Brigade (Brigadier PC Marindin)

Brigade Signals Section

1st Royal Batallion

9th Jat Regiment

1st Bihar Regiment

Chin Hills Batallion ( ? - December 1944)

7/14th Punjab Regiment (December 1944 - ?)

1st Assam Rifles

28th East African Brigade

Brigadier WA Dimoline ( ? - February 2, 1945)

Brigadier THS Galletly ( February 2, 1945 - ?)


63rd East Africa Field Company

28th East Africa Infantry Brigade Defense Platoon


7th Kings African Rifles

46th Kings African Rifles

71st Kings African Rifles

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