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“I Felt No Sorrow - This Was War: Burma 1942-45" by Gordon Heynes

Gordon Heynes signed up as a World War II volunteer aged thirty-seven in late 1941. He trained as a tank gunner and was drafted overseas to join the Allied campaign in South Asia. After further training in India, his regiment, the 25th Dragoons, was deployed to Burma, taking part in deadly combat as the Allies fought to contain the invading Japanese forces. Gordon was seriously injured, but recovered to be able to rejoin his squadron, before eventually returning home after almost four years, when the war ended.

Some time after returning to civilian life Gordon Heynes wrote a fascinating account of his experiences. Last year, to mark the eightieth birthday of their mother, Anthea Bircher, Gordon Heynes’ grandsons, Neal and Gary Bircher published this account as a book.

All royalties from the sales of the book are being donated to the Burma Star Memorial Fund. The book can be purchased here from Amazon.


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